Peau d'Or SPF Lotions

Peau d’Or Suncare:

Peau d’Or® Suncare is an exciting cocktail of our most famous tanning ingredients and intense moisturizers, offering optimal UVA/UVB protection. Peau d’Or® Suncare features the unique UV Rejuvenating® Complex which reduces free radicals that could lead to skin aging, such as wrinkles and loss of skin’s elasticity. Also worth mentioning: the non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed and makes sure you leave the beach where it belongs!

Available in
– SPF 6 (low)
– SPF 15 (medium)
– SPF 30 (high)
– SPF 50 (ultra)


Peau d’Or Suncare #Facts:

#PERFECT hydrating properties. Peau d’Or® is specialized in optimizing moisturizing capacities to keep your skin in perfect condition throughout your tanning session. You’ll feel the difference!

#EXPERIENCE in tanning business makes us stand out amongst the mainstream Suncare brands.
Peau d’Or® guarantees the ultimate tan by improving and fortifying the skin’s natural tanning process.

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